music for children

Kiddleydivey has spent 21 years providing educational music classes to 0-4 year olds following the EYFS curriculum.
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*Public music classes in Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield
*Nursery Classes

music for the elderly
and special needs

Our music sessions for the elderly and people with special needs are lively and stimulating, engaging mind and body through specially developed programmes designed to improve mobility and strength, and to promote physiological, emotional and social capabilities. These unique sessions have been developed in-house by a qualified music professional and doctor of musicology.

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We have new franchisees joining our friendly Kiddleydivey family every month. If you are interested in taking on a franchise, do get in touch and we can 'ring-fence' your chosen territory for a very small deposit - even if you don't want to start up for another six months or so!

musical fun!!

We have established a reputation built on providing excellent, music based activity. We are specialists in the field of music education as well as music used to stimulate and engage the elderly, and are completely dedicated to our work and its development.

The pre-school music classes are designed to be fun and educational, supporting and enhancing the children's development and social interaction, whilst developing a keen sense of musicality and a love for music.

Our music sessions for the elderly give the opportunity to support and enhance continued mobility, social interaction, connection with memory and, quality of life. Kiddleydivey sessions stimulate and excite, giving our elderly residents a renewed sense of involvement, interest and enjoyment. We are specialists in our field, with many years experience and an unsurpassed dedication to our work.

We are constantly updating our material to keep our approach fresh and up to date and as you can see from our latest news, we attend and speak at a number of conferences relevant to our field.

who we are

Kiddleydivey has been working with the children, the elderly, those in care and vulnerable members of society with dementia and other memory function loss conditions since 1996. We are specialists in our field, with many years experience and an unsurpassed dedication to our work.

our services

Kiddleydivey provide good quality, innovative music sessions and classes for preschool children and also for the elderly in residential and hospital settings. We have a fantastic reputation which has been built through providing excellent singing, music and socialisation sessions to people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and also imaginative, fun filled, educational music classes for the very young.

music sessions

The Kiddleydivey music for dementia sessions provide good quality music and songs that encourage interaction, mobility and socialisation. We recently attended a conference on Senior Activity and fitness. See the recommendations for activity we discovered there and how we have incorporated this information into our sessions.

how do we help?

Our music classes for the young are lively, interactive and help to facilitate child development, language skills and co-ordination. The Kiddleydivey music for dementia sessions provide quality music, encouraging interaction, mobility and socialisation.