Guildford, Woking & Godalming

Come and join the Kiddleydivey fun!

Kiddleydivey have been delivering our upbeat, lively, and therapeutic music programmes to residential homes, day centres, hospitals and specialist units across the UK since 1996.

The song tracks we use with the adults have all been chosen for their popularity with our particular client group and for their therapeutic content. We choose to use mostly up-beat songs with lively rhythms, popular classical pieces and music from many different eras and genres.
Each and every song or music track has been specially adapted for use in each individual setting, with tempos sometimes altered, keys changed to make group singing easier, and unknown versed to songs taken out.
As we also work with younger clients we have popular songs and music from the 60's 70's 80's and 90's as well.
We have a large variety of props that we use to encourage movement. From hoops to feathers, ribbons and bass drums, bubbles and hats, we can be sure to encourage everyone to participate.

We are constantly updating and researching new therapeutic methods, songs, music and equipment to add to our music sessions, so our adults can really benefit from and enjoy the content and structure of our music programmes and classes. We add special sessions for important occasions such as the Queen's birthday celebrations and the Olympics, Easter, and of course Christmas.

Our music programmes are always lively, full of fun and laughter but most importantly, the musical content is presented in such a way as to really stimulate, educate and engage adults and people with special needs, encouraging movement, socialisation and interaction.

My name is Jennifer and I am Kiddleydivey's Music Leader for Guildford, Woking & Godalming. I have been singing and playing instruments since the age of four years old, and music continues to be a life-long passion. Coming from a musical family - my Grandmother entertained troops during the war, while my Grandfather went on from the army to start the first school in the country specifically for deaf children, whom as babies had lost their hearing due to wartime bombings in Durham - I am a firm beliver that music is a form of magic, and can be incredibly powerful and beneficial when used to stimulate and connect with each other.
I have always sung in choirs and played in orchestras. My European tours included singing Mass in St Peter’s in The Vatican for Pope Jean Paul II, performing with The Mozarteum Orchestra in Salzburg Cathedral and I have been involved in a host of UK musical events including several performance at the Royal Albert Hall. I also enjoy playing in open mic nights, teaching singing part-time, and writing music at home in the company of my beloved house rabbit, Leonard!

If you would like me to lead a music session in your care home, hospital, specialist adult facility, do give me a call on 07414 266454, send me an email or complete the form below: