Teesside South & Yorkshire Coast - adults

Hi my name is Donna. I run Kiddleydivey for Adults in a beautiful part of the North East.

I have a musical background playing instruments and I attended stage schools from a very young age until I reached 18. My forte was singing, and this has been something that has been a huge part of my life. I had always sought vocal work alongside my day jobs, gigging in evenings and weekends and even within care homes as an entertainer.
I decided on a career change back in 2015 and so started an Access course to study a degree in Adult nursing. During this course I became a dementia friend. Having a Grandparent that had recently passed away with Dementia, the dementia friend training was really inspiring. I wanted to make a change and pursue an altruistic career that helped people so thought that becoming a dementia nurse was the answer. I then discovered Kiddleydivey and have been running my business since November 2016. This was an amazing discovery as I realised I had finally found a way to turn my music work into a career whilst still helping others at the same time.
Kiddlieydivey programmes have many benefits for health and well-being, but one of the most incredible things is that I have seen the success of a session be visible instantly within a single visit!
I wanted to bring Kiddleydivey to the North East as I found there were many programmes for children in my area but the provision for Adults needed a boost! I thoroughly enjoy my work and love the diverse range of clients that we help; from those who may have a dementia, anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions and we have fantastic programmes for adults who have learning disabilities too.

I run Kiddleydivey sessions in Middlesbrough (TS3, TS6, TS7, TS8 and TS9), Redcar & Cleveland (TS10, TS11, TS12, TS13 and TS14) and North Yorkshire (YO7, YO11, YO12, YO13, YO18, YO21, YO22 and YO62). If you are in any doubt or your location is not listed, please feel free to contact me below or email KiddleydiveyUK at info@Kiddleydivey.co.uk.

To book a session, contact me today and our team will be thrilled to meet you!!
donna@kiddleydivey.co.uk, phone 07491 981113 or complete the form below: