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Established in 1996, Kiddleydivey provides stimulating therapeutic music and socialisation sessions to elderly residents in care homes and local community settings. The singing, dancing and movement that we incorporate into our sessions is designed to wholly support your residents’ continued mobility, social interaction, connection with memory and quality of life.

All of the sessions have been created by a professional musician and we are constantly researching and developing the musical activities to ensure that they remain at the highest standard. We use a variety of percussion instruments, colourful props and original and familiar songs, to ensure that the sessions are fun, lively and entertaining for the residents.

We always attempt to use a variety of themes in our sessions – hats, pompoms, scarves and drums, to name just a few! These can increase the resident’s engagement with past memories and also, encourage movement, communication and discussion. Every week is different!

My name is Charlotte Yandell. I am a relatively new addition to the Kiddleydivey family; however, I am extremely excited to begin offering music sessions in York and the surrounding area. A keen singer, pianist and violinist, I graduated from the University of Hull in 2017 with a BA in Music. Throughout my time at Hull, I thoroughly enjoyed studying modules in the Psychology of Music Performance and the Psychology of Music and Emotion, particularly focusing on research which explored the complex reasoning behind the positive effects of music-based applications within rehabilitation. I moved to York in 2017 and began studying a Masters in Music (Music Psychology). During my MA programme, I continued to concentrate on the beneficial aspects of music, further analysing the effects of music on children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and William’s Syndrome. Due to this thorough research, I feel that I am particularly aware of the unique and powerful influence that music has upon a person’s health and well-being; I would love to highlight this with a Kiddleydivey music session!

Join in with the Kiddleydivey fun!
I live in York, but I can attend Kiddleydivey sessions in towns and villages around York tooIf you are in any doubt or your location is not listed, please feel free to contact us below or email Kiddleydivey UK at info@Kiddleydivey.co.uk.
If you would like Kiddleydivey to visit your care home, please get in contact using the form below: Alternatively, you can contact me at york@kiddleydivey.co.uk or on 07771 814291. I look forward to hearing from you. Charlotte x