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Hi, my name is Meina. Having been blessed with passion and compassion for life and humanity and worked in industries I wanted to work in, I was ready to do lots more to bring more sunshine and love to others. That was when I came across Kiddleydivey for children and the elderly.

The song GREATEST LOVE OF ALL by Whitney Houston; I believe the children are our future…..let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be….is exactly what Kiddleydivey is all about.

Kiddleydivey has been working with children, the elderly, those in care and vulnerable members of society with dementia and other memory function loss conditions since 1996. The company was founded by Sally its Executive Director, with over 20 years of experience working as a music specialist in psychiatry and children with special needs building a fantastic reputation as a quality service provider in these important areas. Sessions for the elderly followed shortly afterwards with the development of stimulating session plans, designed to engage and invigorate body and minds.

When music and songs, specially chosen or composed for their inherent therapeutic qualities, are combined with props to facilitate and encourage child development, speech, co-ordination and movement, social interaction and memory function, the results are frequently, incredible! Elderly people who don’t usually communicate, can suddenly start to sing and interact with others. People who are usually withdrawn and quiet, start to become animated, and others, who are not normally very mobile, often decide to dance! Our music sessions involve a different theme each visit, to ensure variety and interest.

Music for Children
Our unique music classes follow the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage and have been developed by a music professional, providing structured music based activity in formal pre-school environments such as nurseries, preparatory schools etc. and open parties. They are designed to educate and engage children, with fun and enjoyment being the main focus. Very young children often learn to accommodate others in the same group, speech and language are greatly enhanced whilst singing and rhythmical music helps to develop co-ordination and motor control.

Music for the Elderly
Our music sessions for the elderly are lively and stimulating, engaging mind and body through specially developed session plans designed to connect people with past and present pleasures and to encourage interaction, mobility and socialisation. These unique sessions have been developed in-house by a qualified music professional and doctor of musicology.

Kiddleydivey came to Foxbridge House where I am Linnie the activities co-ordinator I loved kiddleydivey because they understand dementia and are great and not afraid to interact with the residents. They treat them kindly with respect and dignity and are very good with their time. They are friendly and the therapy session is always to suit the residents .

If you would like to find out more or book your free trial session please give me a call on 07909122633, email