Come and join the kiddleydivey fun!

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Kiddleydivey has been running for over 20 years by founder Sally Murphy. I’m Lucy Reynolds, the proud owner of the Reading and East Berkshire area. My love for music and working with children means I get to do something I’m passionate about.

Why choose Kiddleydivey?

These fun, interactive, themed music classes have been created by a music therapist and doctor of musicology. We use props, puppets, instruments and specially composed songs. The themes are constantly being researched and developed.

Our unique music classes follow the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, providing structured music based activity in formal pre-school environments such as nurseries, pre-schools and open groups/parties.

They are designed to educate and engage children, with fun and enjoyment as the main focus. Very young children often learn to accommodate others in the same group, speech and language are greatly enhanced whilst singing and rhythmical music helps to develop co-ordination and motor control.
There are 2 age groups:
Kiddleydivey Kittens (0-2 years)
Kiddleydivey Cats (2-4 years)

To book your free session please contact me:
M: 07932 064354