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Kiddleydivey has been providing therapeutic music sessions within care and nursing homes for over 18 years. All sessions have been devised by a music therapist and doctor of musicology and are designed to support residents continued mobility, social interaction, connection with memory and quality of life.

The music sessions are lively, fun and interactive. The songs and music we use have been selected following many years of research into which songs are the most popular and generate favourable responses from our clients

There are different themes and resources for each session - ribbon bangles, hats, scarves and bubbles to name just a few.
Residents are encouraged to participate in gentle warm up exercises, doing as much or as little as they want to.

The sessions are structured with a warm up, themed resources section and instrumental participation. Conversation is encouraged where appropriate, particularly as the genre of songs we use stimulate memories. The residents are encouraged to sing along to the songs they know and perhaps even get up and dance if able or engage in safe movement from a seated position

I am delighted to bring Kiddleydivey to Cheshire West and Flintshire, it is such a privilege to be able to deliver these fantastic sessions within the homes and see the responses and happiness that they produce.

In my ‘previous life’ I was a Deputy Head of a large special school on Merseyside and have taught for over 20 years. I have always enjoyed music playing piano and clarinet when I was younger and I currently singing in a pop choir.
Being able to make a living through this love of music now is a joy!

What I love about Kiddleydivey is the fact that Sally is a music therapist and this gives the sessions more depth and content. I have seen residents literally blossom during sessions with their posture opening up and their levels of engagement and communication increasing significantly. The level of interaction I have with the residents is regularly commented upon and this is a key element of our sessions - never underestimate the power of holding someone's hand!

The music sessions at our home are brilliant. Jess creates a fun, inclusive environment and brings a smile to everyone's face. Our residents comment on how much they enjoy the sessions and we can see the uplift in awareness and mood. Thank you!

(Marie Steele - Activity Coordinator, Aaron Court Care Home)

Jess, with her positivity and warmth offers our residents a unique opportunity to enjoy fun activity sessions that are engaging, therapeutic and lively.
I consider the sessions are more beneficial to the residents than an entertainer or performer simply because they are more focused towards the individual. Even members of staff enjoy the sessions too!

(John Reynolds - Activity Coordinator, Chester Lodge)

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