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“Please can you come back tomorrow?
This is a question Kiddleydivey are asked nearly every day at the end of one of their fun, interactive and lively music classes and sessions.
Kiddleydivey is an entrepreneurial company that delivers music sessions and classes to the elderly in care, or in their own homes, and also to children from the ages of 5 months to 5 years.
The music sessions are formatted and themed by Kiddleydivey’s founder Sally Murphy, who has also composed all of the original songs used in the imaginative and humour filled classes for young children. Sally, who is a qualified music therapist, believes that music is the most effective medium through which to educate young children and to also provide incredible benefits for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Kiddleydivey educational music classes for the young, have been devised to be lively, using a balanced mixture of music based activity, structure and laughter to develop and enhance the educational themes. “If children are enjoying themselves, they will remember it!” says Sally, which is why Kiddleydivey always use humour to enhance their themes.  “We have lots of different animal characters, who the children get to know and love – all of them having their own characteristics and personalities. For example, a lion who keeps falling asleep, an Orang-Utan who is a personal trainer and encourages exercise and a parrot who will not stop squawking!” All of these characters are used to develop the educational element of each class whilst making the children laugh.
The music classes have a different theme each week. The children may 'go under the sea' exploring with bubbles, dolphins, fish and octopus, or perhaps they will 'visit the farm' where they will encounter tractors, scarecrows and animals or even go to 'the jungle' with monkeys, snakes and other creatures.
Whilst learning about these and other environments, the children learn and develop social interaction, develop their language skills and improve coordination as well as acquiring basic musical skills such as playing percussion instruments in time to the music, and developing awareness of pitch and tempo.
To maintain stimulation and interest, new songs and themes are constantly developed, all of them fun and enjoyable. Every song and activity has an educational purpose.
Music sessions for the elderly are also themed and equally as lively and fun-filled. There are sessions themed around songs from the musicals, sessions that take them on an imaginary trip around the world, and ‘old-time’ music sessions with songs from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s.  All of the sessions encourage gentle exercise with easy to use equipment such as pompoms, exercise balls, scarves, bubbles and hoops as well as hats and bangle ribbons.  Of course, the most important element to these sessions is the music and the songs specifically chosen to elevate mood, restore energy and to enhance and stimulate lost memories. Kiddleydivey sessions also help to dispel loneliness and isolation as well as providing fun and musical pleasure.
It is not surprising that Kiddleydivey’s unique blend of songs and music are so in demand, which is why the company have decided to develop franchises, so more children and elderly people can benefit from these innovative and inspiring music sessions.
“You can decide to work with just the children, just the elderly or combine both to really fill your week!” says Sally. “Build your work load around your family life! It’s flexible, fun and really appreciated by everyone you meet” 
It’s not every career that can make such a positive difference to the lives of others, fill your day with smiles and laughter and still earn yourself a good living!