Maidenhead & High Wycombe - children

Now then, how shall I introduce myself? The children see me come and say: ‘Hello Mrs Kiddleydivey!’ Or the staff in a care home say: ‘Oh, it’s Kiddley Diddley time!’
Neither of those are my name ;) I’m Heddi Oldham and I started working with Kiddleydivey in September 2016. And what an absolutele delight it is.
I’m a single Mum of two fabulous children, aged 11 and 9, so I needed to find a job that would fit within school hours and was flexible.
My background is Primary School teaching and I’m also a trained organist and have always loved singing. On top of that, I love interacting with people rather than sitting in an office all day.
You see… the answer was Kiddleydivey!

The number of times I see a change in people is absolutely amazing. To me it is hugely important to give every resident and child a personal greeting. I try and remember their names. I sit with them for a while, before we even start the session. Then, when the music starts, and we do our exercises and have a joke and a laugh, you can see people wake up, get excited, feeling very proud when they know the answer to a question about a song. It is just so rewarding. We often join hands for our last song, and people start to look at each other and look after each other. Their mood can change just within a session and sometimes staff don’t want me to go!
I provide sessions for elderly in care homes as well as educational, fun music sessions for little children in and around High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Marlow, Princes Risborough & Wendover. If you are in any doubt or your location is not listed, please feel free to contact me below or email KiddleydiveyUK at

If you’d like to see Kiddleydivey in action for yourself, do get in touch!
My mobile number is 07587 186586 and my email address is: or you may wish to complete the form below.
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