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Come and join the Kiddleydivey fun!

Having founded Kiddleydivey in 1995, I have with the help of my lovely team, been delivering upbeat, lively, children's classes in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire for over 21 years.
I have now moved to the Cotswolds and with a brand new team, will be started music classes for babies and pre-school children here too!

So what are our community classes KiddleydiveyActive and KiddleydiveyExplore?

No longer do you have to choose a class based on your little ones age as KiddleydiveyActive & KiddleydiveyExplore classes are perfect for all ages 0-4 years. You can either choose the class most suited to their personality or indeed come to both.

KiddleydiveyActive - ideal for a really lively child who can't sit still and loves to jump, wiggle and dance. Its high energy & movement is perfect for those wiggly bottoms!

KiddleydiveyExplore - oodles of fun filled sights, sounds, dance and puppets are perfect for children who may be quite shy, who like to explore things in their own time and pace, or for a baby who is experiencing music classes for the first time.

Our children's music programmes have been specifically designed to cover all the guidelines of the EYFS. We use different themes each week to encourage imagination and learning as well as using professional percussion instruments to inspire all of our budding musicians. All of the original songs that we use have been composed in-house.

We are constantly updating and researching new methods, songs, music and equipment to add to our music sessions, so our children can really benefit from and enjoy the content and structure of our music programmes and classes. We add special classes for important occasions such as the Queen's birthday celebrations and the Olympics, Easter, and of course Christmas.

Our music programmes are always lively, full of fun and laughter but most importantly, the musical content is presented in such a way as to really stimulate, educate and engage the children, encouraging movement, socialisation and interaction.

We are delighted to run Kiddleydivey sessions throughout the Cotswolds towns and villages. If you are in any doubt whether we can visit your location, please feel free to contact us below or email KiddleydiveyUK at If you would like a music session in your nursery, or would like to attend a community class in a village hall near you do give us a call on 07740679054, send us an email or please complete the form below: