the franchise package


The Kiddleydivey Franchise package will give you:

Credibility and use of the Kiddleydivey brand and proven business formula

  • High income potential
  • Proven sales and marketing
  • Large exclusive territory
  • Flexibility - either full or part time
  • No previous experience required – full training given in all aspects of the business
  • Complete start up package including over £1,000 worth of equipment plus training, sales and marketing deliverables.
  • Assistance with raising finance
  • Low start up costs.

What's more, you have flexibility. You choose your work pattern and manage your own time, decide when you have a holiday, work with a friend or family member, and have so much fun whilst earning money, it doesn't feel like work at all! Call us on 07740 679054.

Complete package - £10,997 +VAT

Kiddleydivey is a great opportunity for individuals who are looking for a fun
and rewarding career.

To help you on your way, we won't take any fees from you for the first two months, by which time with our support, your business will be up and running!

So what are you waiting for?

We get a lot of calls everyday asking about the Kiddleydivey franchise, so do give us a call for more information, before your area is taken by someone else!

The Music for Adults franchise is available on its own or you can buy the complete package of two franchises and work with both children and adults delivering music classes in nurseries and schools.

The Kiddleydivey franchise opportunity gives you a huge variety of activities (and age ranges!) with which to work, offering you the ability to completely fill your week and even the weekend with our children's party set!
To find out more about the franchise call us on 07740 679054

Proven Business Formula

As a Kiddleydivey franchisee you will have the opportunity to build a successful business with the training, support and experience of an established business behind you.

The company have a proven business formula which will form the basis on which your franchise operates.

Large Exclusive Territory

Each franchisee is given a large exclusive territory to work within. This territory is chosen with you - we like to make sure that you have a big number of nurseries and/or care homes to work in.

The size of your area means that you have the opportunity to build a sizeable business over the coming years without being restricted by a small territory which could limit your potential.

Proven Lead Generation

Kiddleydivey has a proven business formula for generating leads and business.

Key areas covered include target markets, sales activity, lead generation tools and techniques, lead conversion and how to maximise potential.

Credibility and Use of Company Brand

As part of the franchise agreement you have the use of Kiddleydivey processes, systems, name, logo, website and stationery. This gives you the credibility and confidence to go out into the market place and get off to a good start. It also enhances your position in the mind of potential clients that they are dealing with an established and reputable brand.

Training and On-going Support

On-going comprehensive training and support provided for all franchisees, combining on the job and office based training and dedicated support from those who have successfully built the business.