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There are different types of dementia: for example; mild cognitive, Alzheimer’s, vascular, lewy bodies, and frontal lobe dementia. Each will have differing symptoms and each will affect those affected in differing ways. It is unfortunately possible for a person to experience more than one type.

In 2010, it was estimated that there were about 820,000 people in the United Kingdom living with dementia, a figure that has risen and, will continue to do so. There will of course be some people who are also living with dementia as an undiagnosed condition.

Although dementia is perceived to be a condition that affects the elderly, it is not limited to that group. There are some 15,000 people with dementia under the age of 65.

Whether the brain is starved of oxygen, whether through abnormal build-up of proteins or, through some form of trauma to the brain, a person can lose function and memory or, lose inhibitions and act inappropriately.

Sometimes, the person affected knows what is happening to them, and in other cases - particularly advanced cases, they may not. Either way, those affected are easily confused, easily frightened and often will withdraw or ‘live’ in a period other than the present.

Music helps to connect people with memories, usually of good times, of socialisation and fun and even when that connection isn’t made, simply the sound and rhythm of good quality music allows the person to become more animated, enabling them to interact, mobilise, exercise and be entertained.

The Kiddleydivey music for dementia sessions provide good quality music and songs that encourage interaction, mobility and socialisation. Every session has been developed by a professional musician and doctor of musicology. The sessions are themed and involve a number of different props and visual aids to stimulate interest and enjoyment along with percussion instruments and bass drums to encourage interaction, involvement and self-expression.