additional needs

Kiddleydivey provide stimulating and energising music programmes for children and adults with special additional needs.

lively sessions

Adults and children with special needs often seek identity and validation. Of course, one of the best ways to gain these is through music. These sessions for children and adults provide opportunities for socialisation, interaction, and the use of music for self-expression. Through the use of singing, playing instruments, movement to music, and dancing, individuals gain confidence, improve self-esteem, and best of all, have fun!

so what does a kiddleydivey music session look like?

Well, the first thing you will notice watching Kiddleydivey, is that everyone is having loads of fun! What better way is there to get everyone involved and participating, relaxed and feeling safe, than by involving humour and laughter!

Kiddleydivey programme leaders are very used to, and experienced in, many aspects of special needs, so are not fazed by different types of behaviour, thus allowing them to involve everyone in their sessions as much as is possible and, understand their limitations.
The structure of the sessions increases brain activity and incorporates brain exercises that may help to stimulate communication, speech and language and keep the mind working better for longer. Every song and activity has been researched and trialed over long periods of time with many different groups to improve results and enjoyment.

stimulating music

Maybe the most important thing for some people is the fact that they can participate in music even if they experience difficulties in other areas. Kiddleydivey music leaders help them accomplish this goal. Successful participation in music can find a person with a disability feeling motivated and more confident.