musical fun with children

Babies, toddlers and preschool children love singing and engaging in musical activities. For over 18 years, Kiddleydivey has been helping babies and children to develop and grow, whilst having loads of fun, with musical programmes specially devised to promote learning and socialisation. Come along to a Kiddleydivey music session and you'll quickly see that this is much more than just a 'musical experience'. Singing, dancing, wiggling, playing percussion instruments, jumping in the bubbles and using props like the parachute, means that children learn a range of skills that enhance their whole development.

The children learn social interaction, improve their language skills and improve coordination as well as acquiring musical skills such as singing with confidence, developing an awareness of pitch, moving in time to the music and echoing musical patterns, rhythms and melodies.

To ensure stimulation and interest, new themes are constantly developed, all of them fun and enjoyable.
We have many different animals characters who the children get to know and love.

Boris the Blackbird who likes to pull silly faces when we're aren't looking! Luckily, the children usually tell us when this happens!

Then there's Kiddleydivey Cat who enjoys a quiet nap when we are playing quietly, but often gets woken up when we play loudly (which is quite often!)

Our friend Orlando who is a personal trainer and comes up with some wonderful exercises for us all do - once we've found him that is! He does hide in the strangest of places!