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We have been providing music, singing, and music and movement sessions to vulnerable groups, those with dementia, and the elderly for over 18 years. We have a fantastic reputation which has been built through providing excellent music and socialisation sessions to groups and individuals; to support their continued mobility; their social interaction; their connection with memory; and their quality of life.

Sally Murphy, managing director at Kiddleydivey head office explains, “The use of music as a therapeutic tool is well documented. When music and songs, specially chosen for their inherent therapeutic qualities, are combined with props to facilitate and encourage movement, social interaction and memory function, the results are frequently, incredible! Residents who don’t usually communicate, can suddenly start to sing and interact with others. People who are usually withdrawn and quiet, start to become animated, and others, who are not normally very mobile, often decide to dance! The results are instantaneous and can be long lasting.”

“Therapeutic activity sessions such as these are so important to the lives of the elderly”, Sally continues. “As well as the many benefits they offer, they give residents in care homes something to look forward to and for the resident’s relatives, a worthwhile activity they can share.”

Kiddleydivey music sessions involve a different theme each visit, to ensure variety and interest. The music and associated activities are specifically chosen to:

  • Provide upbeat, fun, entertaining and engaging sessions
  • Support and encourage people to interact,
  • Energise and invigorate where appropriate to support and improve mobility
  • Enable people to reconnect with memories from their past, to enrich them
  • Encourage socialisation between their peers, carers and other residents

Some of our clients include:
  • Bupa
  • Care UK
  • Fremantle
  • Sunrise
  • Barchester
  • Caring Homes
  • Abbeyfield