Connecting and stimulating through music

Kiddleydivey have been working with children, older adults, those in care and other vulnerable members of society with dementia and memory loss conditions since 1996.

Kiddleydivey is a national music service provider specialising in providing age & mind appropriate, educational and therapeutic musical sessions from birth to end of life.

Sally Murphy

Founder & Director, Kiddleydivey

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As Kiddleydivey music leaders aren’t able to come and visit you during these difficult times, we have decided to put together music sessions for you all to enjoy at home.

Each session is different and will include music and songs from the 1930’s – 1990’s along with some chair based exercises, interesting facts, quiz questions, name that tune and more.

Here is Kiddleydivey founder Sally Murphy to explain a little more.

Kiddleydivey Online

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Join us every Tuesday & Friday morning at 10:00 a.m for your free children’s class on Instagram.

 If you have enjoyed the class we are asking for donations and will be giving 50% of the proceeds to the NHS. Many thanks.

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Kiddleydivey has been providing children’s music classes and sessions for people with additional needs since 1995.

Unfortunately during these current unprecedented times, we are unable to provide sessions and classes in your nurseries, schools and care homes and have had to come up with an alternative way of delivering our classes. We are now very proud to announce that we have these classes and sessions online, for you to join in with at home.

All of our classes and sessions are lively, musical and fun – slightly different of course to our live sessions, as we can’t interact with you as we usually do, or use our wide variety of sensory equipment and professional musical instruments. However, these online sessions are filled to the brim with singing, movement and some of our Kiddleydivey puppet characters, bubbles and lights.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.

Connecting generations through music

Accessing new pathways through music

Sharing music, spanning generations

Early years education through music







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Don’t worry if you can’t see your region we may still be able to help, please get in touch with one of our team who will be able to assist you further.

Using carefully selected songs and pieces of classical music, vulnerable people with additional needs light up. People who have lost the ability to speak, sing all the words to a song and others who are no longer able or willing to engage, start to tap their feet and clap their hands. This is the power of music used skilfully by Kiddleydivey music leaders and should be available in all care home facilities. 

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Inter- generational

Connecting generations through music


Sharing music, spanning generations

Additional needs

Accessing new pathways through music


Early years education through music

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