Loneliness is an age-old problem and is certainly not one just experienced by the elderly. More and more people find themselves living alone, very isolated and cut off from family and friends through no fault of their own. Feeling lonely is miserable, can be extremely depressing, and can become a downward spiral – the less you do, the less you want to do! You lose the motivation to change things for the better and feel more hopeless as a result.

Kiddleydivey understands this and has come up with something that might help.

Why not come along to one of our friendly music and singing community groups?

The groups are called Kiddleydivey Friends and obviously, being a music company, we will be doing a lot of singing, (don’t worry if you think you can’t sing – we don’t mind in the slightest!). We will also a few memory teasers, loads of dancing and of course tea, coffee, and cake! We cater for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s and their carers, as well as anyone else of any age who would like to come along and join in the fun. When we aren’t singing, chatting or dancing, we are laughing! It’s a very relaxed, friendly group. Why not give it a try!

Perhaps you already have a group who meet regularly?  Kiddleydivey also visit established groups such as Movers and Shakers, Lunch Clubs, Church Clubs or Mobility clubs to provide our fun, interactive sessions.

Connecting generations through music

Sharing music, spanning generations

Early years education through music

Accessing new pathways through music